The Caseros

Talk by Seth Wulsin: Thursday, 7 January, 7 - 8pm at Eyelevel BQE 364 Leonard St Brooklyn

"All have left the house, in reality, but in truth, all have stayed. And it's not their memory that stays, but their selves..." - Cesar Vallejo

Join us for a talk with artist Seth Wulsin on Caseros Prison in Buenos Aires, seen through various stages of its demolition and occupation. Wulsin will examine the transformations of a decomposing emblem of modernist dystopia, exploring themes of architectural immanence, historical resonance and the human survival complex through the lens of the 16 Tons: Caseros Prison Project.

16 Tons was a direct action on the 22-story Caseros Prison building that sought to connect the scales of human perception and cosmic movement through the filter of demolition architecture. After five weeks of on-site work, the artist created 48 faces spanning 18 unique stories, visually formed across the grids of windows that line the prison's exterior. The countenances themselves—inscribed in a pixel-like system on the gridded windows, knocked out or left intact—were evoked regularly with the coming of the day's light. Over the course of the following year and a half, the building was demolished floor by floor—and with it, these images.

Seth Wulsin's work explores spaces between dimensions. He has shown in solo and group shows internationally, and has done artist residencies in Argentina and Colombia. In recent years he has won Peter S. Reed and Thendara Fellowships. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and Bogota, Colombia.

Many thanks to Gabriela Alva Cal y Mayor of Eyelevel BQE for hosting this talk.


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