The New York Times Foreign Correspondent Alissa J. Rubin in Conversation with Jill Abramson

Thursday 19 November, 2015
6 - 8pm, $0/Rsvp

Columbia University, Pulitzer Hall
2950 Broadway

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Jill Abramson, former executive editor of The New York Times, talks one-on-one with The New York Times Paris bureau chief Alissa J. Rubin, the 2015 John Chancellor Award winner.

Rubin has spent much of her remarkable 35 year-long reporting career covering Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. Rubin was selected in recognition of her courageous frontline reporting, her leadership and her determination to bear witness to the forces that shape our world.

Both quietly courageous and fiercely intellectual, Rubin covers conflict through human stories of the soldiers, victims and survivors of war. Her work is marked by a deep understanding of the Middle East and its people, from besieged Yazidis and female Iraqi insurgents, to Afghan women struggling to gain their rights.

While covering the Yazidi refugee crisis in Northern Iraq in August 2014, Rubin was in a helicopter that crashed when evacuating refugees and delivering aid. Rubin suffered a concussion and broken wrists. During her recuperation, she underwent multiple surgeries and long-term physical therapy. Now recovered, she is already back reporting from the region.

Rubin first worked with Abramson when they were both young reporters at The American Lawyer. Rubin later worked for Abramson when Abramson became editor of Legal Times in Washington. They were reunited once more when Abramson recruited Rubin to The New York Times in 2007 as Baghdad correspondent.

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