The LGBT Movement in Albania: Art, Politics, and History

Wednesday 04 November, 2015
12 - 1:30pm, $0

Columbia University, International Affairs
420 West 118 Street, Room 1219

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The Alliance Against LGBT Discrimination in Albania was founded only six years ago in an atmosphere which at the time did not even consider fostering the discussion of LGBT rights. Emerging out of strong prejudices, violence and a complete lack of visibility or hope, today the LGBT community is one of the strongest and most vibrant voices in the debate over Human Rights in Albania. This is due to the groups continuous efforts to keep the movement grounded and strongly connected to the community that it serves. Hoxhaj will explore how the confluence of artistic gestures, politics and history has made it possible for the Alliance, which started as a grassroots organization, to maintain the characteristics of one while advocating for LGBT Rights. Elvis Hoxhaj started working with the Alliance Against LGBT Discrimination (Aleanca) as a volunteer in 2011, and has been in charge of coordinating numerous events in the community center, including workshops to raise the capacities of community members in regards to their rights under the law, and giving presentations on LGBT issues at universities in Albania. He has represented the organization at national and international high-level meetings in Montenegro, Serbia, Sweden, Brussels, Paris, and has served as a face of the LGBT movement in the Albanian media. Now serving as Project Manager/Art Project Coordinator with Aleanca, he is devoted to developing innovative tools of expression for people who cannot express themselves because they have been silenced by homophobia. One of his strategies for accomplishing this goal has been the development of art residencies, which bring together local and international queer artists to work with the Albanian LGBT community. Additionally, he is currently leading a nationwide research and UN Women Trust Fund advocacy campaign for LBT women in Albania. Cosponsored by the Institute for the Study of Human Rights.
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