Narrating Italy Today: Turin As A Metaphor

A Conversation With Amara Lakhous

Monday 23 November, 2015
6pm, $0

NYU Casa Italiana
24 West 12 Street

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"In 2011, I moved to Turin, in Northern Italy, to write my new novel that takes place in San Salvario, a multiethnic district located near the central train station. Turin has been in a transitional phase for many years now. In the past, it was the destination for Italian migrants from the south, and recently it has become a city of new immigrants that arrive from all over the world. In this current literary phase, I have begun to experiment with new contexts and have taken the perspective of a southern Italian man as my main character to understand the issues surrounding old and new immigration in Italy. In two years I wrote two novels: A Dispute Over a Very Italian Piglet, published in an English translation by Ann Goldstein last year, and The Hoax of the Little Virgin in Via Ormea, which came out last year in Italian and will be published in English by Europa Editions in May 2016."

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