Technology and Innovation In The Public Service (Day Two of Two)

Tuesday 14 July, 2015
8am - 2pm, $0

Columbia University, International Affairs
420 West 118 Street, Floor 15

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The Technology and Innovation in the Public Service conference is the launching event for the complementary Global Public Management book and will feature a collection of Columbia University comparative case studies focusing on innovation in education, city governance, and health care.  Big data, sustainability management, and public-private partnerships have become critical tools for policymakers seeking to improve policy in most areas of public policy.  This conference will feature the value of these tools and explore how they can be applied to improve the quality of education, health care and city governance.

The two-day conference will gather leading professors and practitioners in these fields, in addition to senior officials from Brazil, India, China, and the United States.  Although these four countries will be the primary focus of the panels and case studies, the findings will have far-reaching implications for public policy around the world.

This innovative conference will include the screening of audiovisual case studies from the Picker Center Case Collection filmed on-site in Rio de Janeiro, Delhi, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Beijing, and produced by a team of award-winning filmmakers, working under the direction of Columbia University faculty.  As part of this conference, attendees will have access to a website that includes this collection of case studies.

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