Robot Bina48 and Bruce Duncan: Mindfiles, MindClones, and Bina48 (android)

Saturday 11 April, 2015
4:30pm, $0

New Museum
235 Bowery

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Ever find yourself wondering what a MindClone is or who Bina48 is? If yes, The Island (Ken) (2015) by DIS has the answers. At this talk, part of a larger series organized by DIS, Bruce Duncan, Managing Director of the Terasem Movement Foundation in Lincoln, VT, will discuss a global experiment in “mind uploading” and cyber-consciousness known as the LifeNaut Project. Duncan will be in conversation with Bina48, a sentient robot developed and released in 2010 by Hanson Robotics, whom some have called the most advanced social robot in the world. Bina48 will take questions live and on Twitter via #WhetTalks.

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