Making Room: On Affordable Housing in New York

Tuesday 30 July, 2013
6:30pm, $12

The Museum of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue

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The micro-units on display in Making Room may be works of architectural imagination, but a growing number of New Yorkers are happily creating and inhabiting minuscule spaces that are both highly functional and immensely attractive. Constance Rosenblum, a reporter for the Real Estate section of The New York Times, former editor of the paper's City section, and author of the new book Habitats: Private Lives in the Big City (NYU Press, 2013), leads a discussion with Sturgis Warner and Jonathan Cerullo, two longtime theater professionals who occupy such apartments and whose lives and homes are profiled in her book. The discussion will focus on the importance of affordable housing as part of the city's quest to attract and retain a vibrant creative class, invigorated by young people from around the nation and around the world. It will also focus on the meaning of home in 21st-century New York City.

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