How To Read World Literature

Saturday 27 July, 2013
4pm, $0

Public School
155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn

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There’s a thing that’s existed in the communications pattern of the country called access television. It’s given short shrift, it’s thought of as Wayne’s World. It’s thought of as narcissistic egos bouncing around because it’s the Hyde Park Corner of communication. It's everything --you get the cameras, you get the editing, it's non-commercial. You go to this place, you make a presentation. That's what I do, and I like it.

BETWEEN WHO is a series of events considering the relationships between pedagogy and artistic practice, research, and community, organized by The Public School New York, 155 Freeman St, Brooklyn. 

Series 1: How To Read World Literature, with artist Daniel Lichtman and guests, artists Sam Keogh, Laura Morrison, Benjamin Orlow, and Christopher Kulendran Thomas.

As the first artist in this program Daniel Lichtman will present a recent series of videos that explores a region of communication between irony (in the legacy of postmodernism) and the internally-consistent, self-sufficient earnestness of "the outsider," the thinker perceived to be external to this tradition.

A presentation of his work and guest artists invited by Lichtman will be followed by public discussions over two Saturdays, moderated by Nova Benway, committee member at The Public School. The first meeting will focus on articulating the modes and attitudes of appropriation that link these artists' work. The second session will assess the consequences and political stakes of these practices, relating their varied uses of appropriation to types of cultural and political production within a wider, networked culture. 

Before each event Lichtman's videos Public Access Television within a World Systems Pattern of UnderstandingInterlude and Near To The Andes will also be screened on-the-hour, between 12 and 4pm.

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