The New Africa: Underdevelopment or Liberation?

Thursday 06 June, 2013
7:30pm, $6

Brecht Forum
451 West Street

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Samar Al Bulushi, Glen Ford, Wazir Mohamed
Africa is portrayed as a tragedy in the mainstream media, the victim of bad leaders and bad luck. Yet if we scratch the surface, what we perceive as tragic is the result of years of underdevelopment. The legacy of slavery, colonialism and imperialism still effect the continent  as many of the riches of Africa are still exploited,overwhelmingly to the benefit of the multi-nationals and the proverbial "Europe."

Ahead of Barack Obama's visit to Africa, this panel discussion will dissect the effects of globalization on Africa. From environmental crisis, to the growing influence of BRIC's(Brazil, Russia,India and China) in trade and economic development and the growing military intervention, Africa is a hotbed of political intrigue. In the tradition of Pan-Africanist scholar/activist like Walter Rodney, Claudia Jones and John Henrik Clarke, we seek to take on lies and deception given by the mainstream media and turn information into power.

Samar Al-Bulushi is a second year doctoral student in the Anthropology Department at Yale University with research interests in transnational governance, Islam, and the ‘war on terror’ in the East and Horn of Africa.

Glen Ford is the executive editor of Black Agenda Report and author of the recent article "Throwing BRICS at Africa"

Wazir Mohamed is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Indiana University and is a frequent contributor to

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