The Museum, the Critics, and the Self-Taught

G. Roger Denson, Brett Littman, Jerry Saltz, Karen Wilkin, Valérie Rousseau

Wednesday 26 June, 2013
5 - 6:30pm, $10/Rsvp

American Folk Art Museum
2 Lincoln Square

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This conversation with renowned and incisive art critics will focus on the institutionalization of art that has been made outside of established channels and Western artistic tradition. The idea of including art by the self-taught within encyclopedic museums, art collections, and international exhibitions has now entered the public discourse more urgently. What are the current and possible outcomes of this merging? How does this material and these creators challenge the art world and the canons of art history? How will specialized museums, including the American Folk Art Museum, distinguish themselves in the study and recognition of these complex, diverse, and often vulnerable works? 

G. Roger Denson
Independent art critic (Huffington Post) and curator
Brett Littman
Director, The Drawing Center, and art critic
Jerry Saltz
Art critic (New York magazine)
Karen Wilkin
Independent art critic (Art in AmericaWall Street Journal) and curator

Organized and moderated by:
Valérie Rousseau, PhD
Curator, art of the self-taught and art brut, American Folk Art Museum

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