Chimerizations: Florian Hecker

Thursday 16 May, 2013
7pm, $0

Artists Space, Books and Talks
55 Walker Street

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Artists Space hosts a launch for publisher Primary Information’s latest title:Chimerizations by Florian Hecker. As part of the launch the artist will present a single channel sound piece titled Modulator.

The publication presents radically shifted documentation of Hecker’s recent sound pieces: Magnitude Estimation, 2010; Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera, 2011;Bregman/Deutsch Chimera, 2011; Chimerization (MIT Project), 2011; Chimerization, 2012; and Hinge, 2012. The images, installation-reference and productions stills, have been altered by Hecker using a Sift Flow Algorithm. The result is varied and idiosyncratic, with the same image undergoing multiple translations, effectively creating a visual parallel to the chimeric phenomenon produced in the sound works they document. 

The publication also includes texts by Reza Negarestani, Stefan Helmreich and Catherine Wood. One of Negarestani’s texts has been set in a partly legible, decomposed and restructured typography programmed by Ben M. Jordan in 2 × 99 different fonts. A detailed typographic specimen of the macro and microstructure of this special typographic transformation is featured as well. Chimerizations was designed by NORM, Zurich. 

On this occasion the artist will install the one-channel sound piece Modulator. The work was conceived on the occasion of Chimerization, which Hecker produced for dOCUMENTA 13 to serve as the electroacoustic source that shaped the underlying psychoacoustic process dramatised in Chimerization and Hinge, both of which are featured in Chimerizations

Florian Hecker has presented work in performances and exhibitions internationally and most recently at Sadie Coles HQ, London; Lumiar Cité, Lisbon; MD72, Berlin; dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel, Germany (all 2012); and Nouveau Festival, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (2011). Hecker has an extensive discography with works released on labels such as Editions Mego, Pan, Presto?!, Rephlex, Warner Classics and Warp. 

This publication was made possible with a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and through the generous support of Sadie Coles HQ, London. 

Chimerizations is produced in an edition of 1,000 and is 304 pages, containing 474 color and 30 b&w illustrations. Books will be for sale at a discounted price of $25 throughout the event.

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