Eyebeam Chats: New Approaches to Art and Technology

Saturday 19 January, 2013
12 - 6pm, $0

Eyebeam Art + Technology Center
540 West 21 Street

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As part of Eyebeam's Annual Showcase, join us for a full day of invigorating inquiry into new approaches to art and technology. Learn about the amazing work happening now at Eyebeam, helping to define the future.


Change As The Starting Point: What does success mean when artists set out to create a different and better future? Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Mark Shepard in conversation with Deborah Fisher.

Mark Shepard explores the idea of progress in his artistic practice by addressing newly appearing social spaces and their accompanying signifying structures. Heather Dewey-Hagborg's research-based practice questions fundamental assumptions underpinning perceptions of human nature, technology and the environment. As Executive Director of A Blade of Grass, Deborah Fisher is uniquely qualified to lead the discussion. In both her own creative and organizational leadership practices, she focuses on and makes innovative work beyond the gallery, work which has real-world impact. They will center their discussion on the simple but incisive question: how does one measure success?

Poetics of Computer Language: Beauty, complexity and metaphor in the development of new computer languages. Jonathan Vingiano, Ramsey Nasser and Brian House in conversation with Caroline Woolard.

Jonathan Vingiano and Ramsey Nasser are both creating engaging, intuitive and poetic computer programming languages, focusing on the aesthetics of user interface and code. Brian House is a composer and programmer who is intensely interested in the difference between 'scores' and 'code' in computer music. Caroline Woolard will lead a conversation that explores the complexities of finding beauty in a type of language that some find alienating.


Technology and The Future of Cinema: Anton Marini, Nick Fox-Gieg, and James George in conversation with Jonathan Minard.

As visual culture becomes increasingly complex, developing new technologies that serve the needs of storytelling is a vital concern. These four talented artists tell stories with moving image in highly varied but equally captivating ways. Jonathan Minard will lead the conversation exploring the state of the art and the future in visual cinema technologies.

Bodies and Technology: Exploration of new directions in the way creative technology relates to the body through fashion, games and art. Kaho Abe, Carrie Mae Rose and Zach Gage in conversation with Joon Lee (RISD).

Kaho Abe is a designer interested in improving social experiences through technology, fashion and games. Carrie Mae Rose creates wearable works that evoke bodily vulnerability. Zach Gage is an interactive artist whose work playfully interpolates between physical presence and virtual identity. Joon Lee, whose academic focus at RISD is on relationships between bodies and objects, will focus the discussion around ways we can re-imaginine the linkage between bodies and the physical forms technology takes.

Monetization and Value: What’s the relationship between new media art and the art market? How does this affect ideas of ownership and the concept of the art object? Jonas Lund, Paolo Cirio, Caroline Woolard, Lindsay Howard and Sarah Grant in conversation with Steve Sacks (bitforms).

Jonas Lund works primarily on the internet introducing speculative systems that foil original intentionality of common web technology. Paolo Cirio's work as a media artist investigates perception and the creation of cultural, political and economic realities. Sarah Grant's practice inquires into creation of networks of data between machines and living creatures. Lindsay Howard's work as a media arts curator is intensely focused on value creation in new media. They will be in conversation with Steve Sacks, the always ahead-of-the-curve founder of new media art gallery bitforms, exploring emerging structures which can provide financial support for new media art and future models which could be created.
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